All the fine art photographic prints produced by John Cox are presented using the highest quality materials and processes available in the industry. John would like to acknowledge the cooperation of Borge B. Anderson & Associates of Salt Lake City ( in providing the photo lab services listed below.

Camera: Large format 4x5 field camera manufactured for Zone VI Studios of Vermont by Wisner Classic Mfg. Co. ( Only large format film can produce the sharpness, detail and zero grain expected of superior prints. Lens focal lengths used are 65mm, 120mm, 210mm, 360mm and 500mm. Exposures are determined with a Pentax ( digital exposure meter. Filters are used sparingly and only then to compensate for the limitations of what the film can record as compared to the light values of the scene.

Film: Fuji Velvia 50ASA and Fuji Provia 100ASA transparency film ( Films are processed in E-6 chemistry. Individual transparencies are scanned to produce high-resolution digital files ready for limited pre-print adjustments.

Prints: Images are printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive  photographic paper using a Durst ( Lambda digital laser continuous tone printer. Prints are then processed through RA-4 chemistry. This ensures a print of unsurpassed color rendition, sharpness and longevity.

Mounting: All prints are archivally mounted and matted with acid free board. After the artistís signature has been applied to the front and the technical details applied to the back, the print is framed in an elegant Nielsen ( silver aluminum frame behind ultraviolet light protected unbreakable Plexiglas. Cleaning of the glass should be done with ammonia - free glass cleaner.

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